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Kareen Mills, Business Development Expert

 "Mr. Kuiper's attention to detail and amazing listening skills really show up in his work. I retained Mr. Kuiper to write a professional bio for me and when he delivered the finished product I was blown away. He takes his time and very patient throughout the process. I highly recommend Mr. Kuiper! Thank you for what you do!  

Melissa Taka Kershner, Gateway Mortgage


"Dick Kuiper is a walking encyclopedia! His experience as a ghostwriter is just one of his many talents. Not only is he skilled at promoting and marketing with written works, he is generous in sharing his knowledge about marketing and business.


Nina Cammann, Customer Appreciation Manager, Direct Cellars Wine Club


"I hired Dick to help me on a couple of projects and am completely delighted with the outcome. I feel more confident that I am portraying exactly what I want my clients to see." 


David Kline, Sales Manager, Oregonian Media Group


"Kuiper understands that producing quality content is a key component of any businesses marketing and communication strategy. I have referred Dick to several close clients and they have come back with rave reviews of Dick's professionalism, performance and results. If you need any business writing done, you should let Dick put his proficient pen to your use."


Daniel Waite, Sales Manager, TekCollect


" It pleases me to count Dick Kuiper as a trusted business associate. He is not only a powerful writer, but also an incredibly talented expert on techniques for attracting new customers for businesses of all kinds. The articulate writing he does for me and the help he gives me on creative ways to generate more business income are equally impressive. I can honestly recommend Dick to anyone seeking to increase their visibility in the marketplace.  


Cindy Eastman, Director, Small Business Division, LegalShield


"Dick is a top-notch writer. His written material is a game-changer for business owners! I recently read a short, humorous piece that Dick wrote, which was very insightful and clever but on top of that, I'm still chuckling 2 weeks later. Excellent writing. In addition to his great writing skills, he's a great colleague and makes a solid business partner. I'm proud to know Dick. 


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B.J. Stromme, Founder. POP Mindset

I enjoyed learning so much about maximizing my LinkedIn page with great wording for marketing my services! Dick has years of experience and a thirst for continuing to learn so he is an amazing resource for the business owner. His love of words, desire to help you show up as your best self, and energy all show up in his articles. His life experience all feeds into being able to add insight and value so you get results! Thank you Dick for the great training today, I appreciate you! 

Harold Kurt, Social Media Marketer

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Dick Kuiper and his expertise with writing powerful content for my LinkedIn profile. I've been struggling with how to get started with LinkedIn for quite a while. Dick sat with me for an hour, he worked with me on my profile, my jobs section and blog posting. Absolutely, the best use of my time! The information he provided was the most professional, and useful, I've seen. Thank You ! ghostwriter copy editor memoir

Renee Wilbur, President, Wilbur Resources

Dick is one of the best writers and presentation developers that I have ever come across. I cannot recommend his services enough. You would be crazy not to hire him to do some writing for you before one of your competitors beats you to it. I am honored to have him part of my circle. 

Christer Wadman, Founder, Tecellerator Consulting

Dick combines unusual smarts, extensive industry experience, credibility and passion for bringing well articulated value positions to his audiences. Dick always seeks clarity in understanding the audience he is targeting before creating a written piece or presentation allowing him to connect deeply. He understands marketing strategy, including what works and what does not, in ways few people do. 

Carol Ptak, Founding Partner, Demand Driven Institute

I have had the opportunity to work with Dick on several ventures. In this latest endeavor he has proven himself once again to be detail oriented, creative and delivered beyond expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with Dick. We are so happy to have a resource like this available to our company. 

Jim Cannon, VP Sales, SalesOpsAnalytics

A well-known industry analyst recommended Dick Kuiper to me. At that time, our company was launching a new software product and we needed help getting the information that was in co-founders heads into written technical and marketing collateral for the launch.
I quickly found that Dick had both the technical and business knowledge to successfully handle both types writing; which resulted in major time saving for us.
Dick also showed great patience working with the company’s co-founders and discipline to get a quality job done under very challenging conditions.
I and highly recommend Dick, and plan to hire him again in the future.